Thursday, 30 October 2014

Birthday Cake Extravaganza!!!

I always refer to October as being the best month of the year, normally because it's my Birthday month and so it's generally a happy time. But this October has been super special!!! Why, you ask?! Because the cake choices were beyond what I had anticipated...I enjoyed so much cake / desserts (see picture above), I can't wait for my birthday to roll around again, so I have another excuse to consume so much, and pass it off as being my birthday month! 

(Okay imagine me whispering to you now!) I even had evenings out where I ate 2 desserts at one meal seating - naughty me!!! But it was so worth it...first I went to the Manor House in Wanstead where I literally couldn't decide which dessert to have, and since my friends were having coffee with their desserts, and I'm not a coffee drinker I thought why not have what I really want - more cake! So treacle tart and chocolate brownies it was :-)

There was also a night of bowling...where although the food wasn't amazing at the Volti Noti restaurant, having 2 desserts (a mistake on their part!) And birthday cake more than made it alright. I can't even mention all the other "extra" cakes I have eaten this month, although I must say that my Hubby did satisfy my new "Red Velvet" obsession with a cupcake from the Buttercup Cake Shop too. I had a great month of catching up with my "lady friends" and eating my age (sorry I'm not relieving!) in cake/dessert/chocolate/pastries.....

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