Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Cosmotion At The Gala!

When I was invited to a local worldwide food buffet for some friends' birthdays at the local Cosmos, I got slightly excited at the thought of the vast dessert buffet range this place homes. I'm not a big fan of all you can eat buffet places, but normally think this one is okay because it offers a range of dessert options, other than the usual gateau and ice cream options, that many other buffet places offer. HOWEVER to my disappointment, I quickly learned that dessert buffets like these and all you can eat establishments of this kind should not be entertained at peak times (weekends). Whilst there were some options, many things had run out (namely the Creme Brulee, that wasn't replenished for at least an hour!) And the cakes that were laid out had seen better times, as no one was really managing the section. As the restaurant has a strict dining time limit during busy times, I only had time to peruse the dessert buffet once, whilst bumping into many other diners a long the way. Overall it was an experience I won't be in a hurry to repeat!

Bad food experiences haven't stopped there! I was recently also invited to night of bingo with friends, though I was HUGELY hesitant, we had vouchers that promised a free meal and dessert from Gala Bingo. Never one to turn down free cake, I went along and was pleasantly surprised when my fish and chips arrived. It was all of good size and potion, and didn't taste too bad at all. HOWEVER I then ordered the chocolate brownie for dessert, and I cannot tell you my disappointment once again when it arrived!

The fact that the brownie was the size of a tablespoon, and there were berries and ice cream on the plate that were bigger than the brownie, just plain shocked me. I wasn't expecting a mammoth piece, but being just slightly bigger than "bite-size", didn't cut it either. Needless to say, the bingo dining experience won't be seeing me again in a hurry. 

Bring on the restaurants that are true cake / dessert connoisseurs!!!!

Friday, 9 May 2014

A Ruby Of A Cake & Blackforest Retro!!

It got to lunch time the other day, and I got that familiar urge for cake! But not a "Let's eat lunch, then have cake urge." Just a "Let's forget lunch and go straight for the cake!" As I was having lunch with a friend, I thought it probably wouldn't be appropriate to have lunch at a cake parlour, so we went to a local cafè in Hoxton called Ruby, so she could have something of the savoury kind too! Once I laid eyes on their Banoffee Pie - I was in love!!!!!! That was lunch was one of the best Banoffee Pies I have ever tasted (and I've sampled a few in my time of cake!) Can you also believe that the slice you see taken in the picture was actually my ENTIRE slice (no sharing thank you very much!)

My cake escapades didn't stop there this week...I also went to the local Beefeater restaurant with a friend, and being that our last meal there was such a disappointment, this time we were eating there on Beefeater (as a goodwill gesture - thanks!) As well there being an improved service, the food was tasty, and when I saw Blackforest Gateau was on the menu, I couldn't turn down a classic favourite. Though in appearance it wasn't quite the defrosted masterpiece I remember from childhood, it definitely hit the spot in taste, and took me right back to the nostalgia of christmas treats - well done Beefeater!